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History of Sip N' Swirl

Sip ‘N Swirl was established in 2014 by two brothers and their two wives. Story be told that it was always their dream to own an ice cream store.During the construction of Sip ‘N Swirl their thoughts were that they would have to construct the highest quality location because it would have to have the look to go along with the high quality products they would be serving. They partnered with Electro Freeze, the manufacturer of the most state of the art Ice Cream Machines, known nationwide for the best looking as well as the best performing equipment in the industry. There are four soft serve machines that dispense 23 flavors of soft ice cream including regular, low fat, sugar free and yogurt. In addition to the soft serve, we have 24 Homemade hand dipped ice creams to choose from including regular and Italian ices. Sip ‘N Swirl was the first ice cream store to use Electro Freeze’s newest machine that can serve nine flavors of soft serve ice cream with just the push of a button. So in one machine and the flick of a button any one of nine delicious yogurts or nine regular ice creams can be served. That is just the beginning of what Sip ‘N Swirl has to offer. Two more of their machines can create somewhere around 50 different drinks from Shakes, to Smoothies, to Icys, to Frozen and Regular Ice Cream Sodas. All are topped with our  fresh Whipped Cream. Sundaes, no problem! From our 8 oz Sundae to our 12 oz  Sundae Smasher all are made with your favorite soft serve or homemade hand dipped ice cream, a topping from our 50 toppings from which to choose,  fresh whipped cream and a cherry. Let’s not forget an old ice cream favorite.....The Banana Split. Three ice creams, three toppings,  fresh Whipped Cream and three Cherries. Now how’s that for upping a split to a trio?If you need products to take home to keep in your freezer for your late night cravings, then you came to the right place. We always have a variety of six pack ice cream sandwiches, chip sandwiches, chocolate dipped cones, quarts, ice cream cups with sprinkles, and our newest favorite the mini cones. Birthday cakes or a cake for any occasion are our specialty. They are uniquely made and include Vanilla and Chocolate Ice Cream, Dark Chocolate Fudge and Crunch. Topped with any decoration of your choosing and finished with your personal inscription. If you would like to have other than our standard ingredients in your cake, all you have to do is call or come in to special order. Online Ordering is available. If you have a party theme we have a wide variety of theme kits for our cakes or we can personalize it with your favorite picture. So while Sip ‘N Swirl is a young competitor in the Ice Cream Industry, they are prepared to be in the competition for a very long time with the promise to always be creative in the development of new and exciting products.


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